Inventory at Brown Sugar Kitchen: A Study in Efficiency

The kitchen space at Brown Sugar Kitchen is a study in efficiency ~ with every inch planned for both form and function. Chef Tanya Holland is constantly doing a visual check of inventory in her kitchen; Pars can be flexible and it really depends on the day of the week. Kitchen Manager, Lakesha Pursley says they keep a high inventory because they have such high turnover and it moves quickly. She does take a formal inventory of key items and orders those every day or two. She is finding that BlueCart does save her time and is still exploring how to best utilize this platform for even more efficiency.

In addition to this most productive kitchen, every item is skillfully repurposed so inventory is fully utilized. In fact, they have added several new items with this mindset; cornbread turns into croutons, misshapen bread becomes bread crumbs, rib meat makes a tasty hash, sticky buns find new life as bread pudding and rice becomes a Special Dirty Rice that customers say it is the best thing they have ever eaten.

These extra steps save money and reduce the amount of food waste that then goes to compost or recycled for community garden donations.

Outside of Brown Sugar Kitchen, Tanya Holland is busy with a concept she has helped create at Stanford University. Chef Tanya was a Guest Chef at Stanford’s Black Heritage Dinner hosted by the Residential & Dining department when they approached her to expand their relationship. She worked with the dining chef’s to create a menu and after a cooking demo that received rave reviews from students, the Red Skillet pop-up was born. She is now the consulting Chef for Stanford’s Red Skillet Kitchen serving up southern comfort dishes bringing her fierce sustainability practices with her. Chef Tanya also supports No Kid Hungry and Taste of the Nation.

To read more about Tanya and her zero waste journey, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Chef Tanya Holland is a BlueCart user and advocate. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as Tanya, visit BlueCart.