BlueCart Launches Brand New "Editions" for Wholesalers

BlueCart recently launched vertical-specific BlueCart "Editions” for wholesale suppliers of seafood, produce, baked goods, dairy, meat, coffee, and alcohol, among others. These customized platforms are tailored to the particular needs of individual restaurant supply sectors, and are backed by a new $10M Series B investment from some of the biggest players in the national and international hospitality industry.

Each BlueCart Edition tackles the problems unique to its vertical. The BlueCart Bakery Edition, for example, provides users with automatic batch calculation tools that simplify the task of aggregating multiple orders into bake-able batches, while the BlueCart Seafood Edition allows suppliers to more easily take catch weights into consideration when pricing products.

To complement the launch of our brand new Editions, we’ve completely revamped our supplier site to help suppliers navigate to the features that matter to them. Now, suppliers can head over to our website and drop right into the category that applies to them and gain instant access to all the information they need to leverage BlueCart and start growing their business.

We set out to create a product that embodied our passion for serving the hospitality industry while also solving the many problems and pain points of our diverse community of wholesalers. With the launch of our new Editions, wholesalers from any slice of the food and beverage pie can enjoy premium features that are guaranteed to grow their business.

To learn more about BlueCart's brand new Editions for Wholesalers, click this and we'll show you everything you need to know!