What the Paleo Diet means for farmers

Paleo, Not Just Another Health Trend

Diet fads change as often as the seasons, but one that has remained throughout the past few years is eating Paleo. This diet is originally based off of caveman fundamentals - if a caveman could've eaten it, you can too. It involves a lot of meat, fruits and veggies (like most diets), and healthy natural fats likes nuts and seeds. It cuts out most starches, processed foods, legumes, dairy and alcohol (yikes!).

More Vegetables

Like most diets, there is a strong emphasis on eating plenty of vegetables. However in the Paleo world, not all veggies are created equal - they focus on leafy greens and vegetables that are not starches or legumes. Legumes include peas, beans, lentils, and even peanuts! Farmers rejoice! There will always be a demand for people to get their greens.

Less Dairy

Paleo dieters are not supposed to eat dairy, but there is a little bit of a gray zone. Dairy products without lactose can be good for you and so they are included in the Paleo diet, even though it wouldn't be something cavemen eat. Due to this, and the fact it is hard to resist a cheesy pizza forever, dairy producers should not feel any fear of a huge drop in sales.

More Meat

Fire. Meat. Arrgg. Eat. These are probable words of the caveman, and the Paleo diet focuses on meat. This is great news for those who raise chicken, turkey and naturally leaner meats, as well as grass-fed cows. Unlike diets that eliminate all red meat (a fattier source of protein) Paleo diets embrace steak culture.

Less Wheats

The last key tenet is perhaps bad news for farmers and companies that rely on wheat and wheat-based products as their main revenue source. Granted, sandwiches and pasta will remain staples in the lunch and dinner rotations of the average person, however Paleo and the gluten-free trend lessen the demand for wheat and similar processed grain products.

One Less Worry

With the changes in demand for certain products, and just the sheer volume that producers and farmers go through, it is tough to have spare time. If an order gets misheard on a voicemail or a sales rep cannot place an order on for a customer until it is too late in the day, these places can also lose money and clients. Enter BlueCart, simplifying the ordering process for producers as well as their buyers.

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