BlueCart Product Update June 20th, 2017 - Order Cut-off Reminders

One of the constant pain points we have heard from our customers, both buyers and distributors, is missing the order cut-off time.

For Suppliers

Order cut-off time is a big deal because any order received after the cut-off time really throws a wrench in planning for production and delivery. Suppliers can rid themselves of the headaches that come with customers missing order cut-offs. Real-time order cut-off notifications keep your clients ordering on time. Using order cut-off notifications allows you to bolster communication by offering increased transparency so none of your buyers are left in the dark. With real-time order notifications, there will be no more:

  • Frustrated customers when they can't get orders on time
  • Sales reps chasing customers to hit cut-off times
  • Last minute orders resulting in rush delivery

This issue inconveniences both parties because buyers, chefs, and bar managers may not receive their order on time the next day resulting in low inventory levels and customer dissatisfaction.

For Restaurants

Missing cut-off times means:

  • Having to pay more due to rush delivery or buying at the store
  • Last minute menu changes = upset customers when you 86 a dish
  • Wasting time having to figure it all out

With BlueCart cut-off notifications, you'll receive order related information, incoming messages, and status changes. Never miss another cut-off again.

Enter BlueCart. We now offer the ability for Buyers to receive a reminder notification on their Android or iOS phones an hour before the cut-off time. The best part is, there is nothing to set up. Just download the latest apps Android | iOS

It's business as usual, but better.

Missed or late orders are truly a thing of the past with BlueCart.

To get started by creating your very own BlueCart account, please head right this way!

And as always, thanks for using BlueCart! Have an idea for a new feature? We're always listening: