Manage potential clients with the LEADS designation

BlueCart Product Update - Aug 18th, 2017

BlueCart wants to be your number one partner in growing your business. We know that managing your clients - their information, their preferences, and their history - is key to that growth. The better the relationship, the easier it is to conduct business and generate revenue.

BlueCart is here to help!

For Suppliers:

This week, we are excited to add the Leads Designation to the My Clients portion of our platform. Within the My Clients page, Vendors can indicate which clients are still in Lead status. Lead clients are clients that you are working to convert to a customer.

This designation will allow you to easily separate Active client data from Potential client data, and help you to better evaluate the performance of your sales representatives.

So what does this mean for you?

  • Better sales performance analytics
  • Better management of your sales team
  • All client details in one place
  • Smarter management decisions and faster growth!

Get started today and add Leads to your My Clients database to make your sales effort more effective!

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