Top Food Trends in LA This Summer: Restaurant Owners Take Note. The intense temperatures in LA this August had your guests begging...

Top Food Trends in LA This Summer: Restaurant Owners Take Note

The intense temperatures in LA this August had your guests begging for some eyebrow raising, and seemingly contradictory menu offerings. Want to turn heads and get some more wallets in the door? Why not give them what they want and consider incorporating some of these (figuratively) hot dishes:

Beet Wellington, or Just a Beet or Two
We know. Beets taste a bit “earthy” and require a “refined” palette. Yet, this new plant-based alternative dish continues to be a hit in LA for some reason. Laguna Beach’s Zinc Café gets rave reviews for this top-seller, and they aren’t the only ones offering the purple plate. The Lost Knight in Echo Park has its own version just around the corner…(

And if a patty made entirely of beet isn’t for you (because, you know, that’s perfectly reasonable), you can always take a page from Bluestem Brasserie’s Chef Jeff Banker and his red-beet cured salmon tartare. Or, for the conservative, simply toss a few purple roots into that endive salad like Pret A Manger - their best-selling SuperBowl Salad includes a very healthy serving of beets in every bite ( ).

Decadent, Yet Refreshing Ice Cream
Your guests are going to need a scoop or two to cool down from those intense Valley temps. Get chilled and weird with kulfi - Indian ice cream with hints of pistachio and almond – which ain’t for the faint of heart, but definitely a head turner ( Go even further by serving up something unique like RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen’s Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream (AKA RSPAKVC, as we like to say), or serve up a scoop with a cause like Pasadena’s Choctal, single origin fare (

Burgers, Burgers, & More Burgers
Heat shmeat, some people still want meat. But if you want to sling burgers, you’ll have to compete! (See what we did there?) Whether it’s Shake Shack’s limited edition “Roadside Burger” (Come on! Who would pass up a burger with bacon and caramelized onion, simmered in BEER of all things), the tried-and-true In-And-Out, or the slew of other LA burger joints taunting us with their sloppy, greasy, wonderful fare (, it’s not an easy market to stand out in, but it’s a big market.

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