Revisiting the Food Industry's Dependence on the Fax Machine

Fax machines should have had their heyday in the hospitality business by now. They’ve been around forever, since 1846 to be exact. Sure, they are HIPAA Compliant and allow you to capture signatures while negotiating with your vendors.  However, we all know that the time it takes vendors to respond and process your order via a fax is much too long. Before you know it, a giant portion of the time you had allotted to focus on the operations of your restaurant is now lost due to technological inefficiencies. 

Here are some eye-opening facts: 

89% of the US population uses a smartphone for communication purposes.

94% of those with a smartphone use it for research purposes as well. Taking that stat a step further,

 84% take action as a result of said research. You might be asking, so what does this have to do with my food service business? Consider the following:


Notice the callout for faxes. Oh wait, there isn’t one.Think about it this way. We carry our personal computers with us every day. It’s time to modernize the communication medium used by supplier and buyer. It’s time for you to use BlueCart: A Revolution in Restaurant Supply.