Restaurant Tech Mashup: Separate Checks? Don't Cry. Try These Apps.

We’re pretty sure that both diners and servers alike can agree:  the process of handling the check at the end of a meal can, at times, be more than a little aggravating, especially if you are managing a full house. 

Let us paint a picture that should sound all too familiar: it’s a particularly busy Friday night. Your kitchen just finished serving the largest table of the evening. Bellies are full and happy, and kitchen traffic has officially piqued for the night, but now your best waiter has to split the check for that large table top 14 ways.  It’s a tedious process and they are still juggling 6 other tables that have yet to close out. Lucky for you, technology is ready to come to the rescue.

Here are a few apps that streamline the payment process for your business. Your wait staff will love you for adopting them!


You know that feeling you get when you hop out of an Uber? It feels so good to know that payment for your recent ride is already taken care of and you don’t have to do a thing. Enter Cover, the Uber for restaurants. It processes payments from the moment that customers  “check in” to your restaurant. It even has the same split tab feature as Uber, allowing guests to split the check themselves! Yeah. That 14 top nightmare? It’s a thing of the past with Cover in the picture. 


People are really busy. We get it. That’s why LevelUp has chosen to partner with the fastest growing restaurant sector - fast casual restaurants -  to make the payment process even faster. 

After customers download their favorite restaurant’s mobile app, they can immediately begin scanning food for payment. They can even receive loyalty points for being a repeat customer.  Added bonus? Your restaurant will gain access to rich big data analytics around your customer base, enabling you to modify your menu and the entire service experience and drive further top line sales.


Even before paying the bill, some of us really grapple with the decision around where to dine out on the weekend. Cue Zomato. Zomato helps patrons choose a restaurant, schedule a reservation, make cashless payments, and even order online. It even points diners specifically to one restaurant or another based on factors it decides are useful to consumers. Probably worth looking into so that you can make sure they point diners to you…

While we’re happy to introduce you to these apps, we can’t actually guarantee any of them. The only app we can absolutely say will save you time, money, and make your life better as a restaurant pro is… BlueCart. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?