Must-Follow Blogs for Restaurant Owners

Type "restaurant blogs" into Google and you’ll be ambushed by hyper-critical breakdowns of meals and service. With the exception of maybe politics, few industries open themselves up to such painful public scrutiny by anonymous hordes online. At this point, it's a relatively accepted part of opening up a restaurant. Owners and chefs know they're putting themselves out there, and they've got to be ready to read bad reviews. But that's not all that's out there. There's help on the Internet too.

Move past the gloom and doom and find some good advice on restaurant blogs for industry itself:

(In no particular order)

QSR Insights

QSR Insights is only three pages deep, so it’s a relative newcomer to the restaurant blog scene. Still, the information they post is of incredible value--from ways to boost your online presence to precautions to take to prevent employee fraud. Plus, many of the blog posts are written by restaurant consultants or marketing experts, so QSR is clearly going for a "quality over quantity" approach.

Restaurant Engine

This engine is fine-tuned with information on how to make a restaurant more efficient. Most of these blog posts are fueled with fun topics, but some posts have a lot of added value. For example, did you know that you can buy ice makers with a roof mounted condenser to reduce the noise? Silent ice makers? Yep. You can find these tidbits and more at Restaurant engine.


Not to toot our own horn, but BlueCart’s blog has a ton of relevant information for restaurant owners. The blog takes the latest data from the food industry and puts it into easy to understand infographics and breakdowns. You're already here. Look around.


The employee scheduling app has recently shifted gears in their blog, with a stronger focus on the problems the restaurant industry faces. Many of their blogs focus on customer and employee loyalty. A recent blog post involved the search for trends that will dominate the 2016 food landscape. The more recent blog posts from WhenIwork will help any restaurant owner.

Gecko Hospitality

Gecko Hospitality helps restaurant management answer the question: "How to find great restaurant staff?" This blog offers both broad and specific scenarios. Gecko Hospitality provides several small ways to improve your restaurant management style, but also gives a restaurant owner a detailed guide to often rarely discussed terms such as Employment Branding. What is Employment Branding? Exactly.

Chefs Feed

More a website than a blog, but the content is too good not to share. Chefs Feed is written by chefs for chefs. A plethora of restaurant opinions and news make appearances, and nothing is off-topic--which makes for some great reads. If you're a restaurant owner and want to get into the mind of a chef, then Chefs Feed is a quality browse.


Besides a great name for a restaurant blog, Toast offers readers a ton of knowledge and experience. Toast reports on everything a restaurant owner might need to know- from menu engineering to the latest industry news.

Open for Business

This blog comes from restaurant reservation app "Open Table". Open for Business is the most extensive blog on this list, with more than 50 pages of entries broken down into a variety of categories that include Q&A's with big name chefs, tips for dealing with everyday restaurant problems, and for those who hate to read: plenty of videos.

Social Hospitality

Social Hospitality doesn't stick to a specific blog schedule, so it's hard to know when to expect new things from them. However, when a new post does make its way to their page, that post becomes a gold mine of information. What makes social hospitality a great resource is the way their blog touches all parts of the hospitality industry with ideas and input from many, many different perspectives.

Bottleneck Blog

This blog comes from a restaurant group based out of Chicago and deals with alcohol, food topics and company culture. Bottleneck gives the reader thorough breakdowns of beer related topics such as the difference between types of drinking glasses and suggestions for beer pairings. Expect the urge to have a cold one while reading.

The Tip Jar

This blog run by team Grubhub is a great resource for restaurant owners at any stage of their operations. Topics cover the gauntlet of restaurant problems from how to expand restaurants to new cities and what to do about the minimum wage fight. Reader beware though: just a guess, but a name change might be coming soon though due to all the controversy with tipping in restaurants... (Or not.)
State Restaurant Association Blogs

Obvious, right? But these can quickly be overlooked, especially if you're bombarded by emails everyday anyway, and the newsletters that link you to the blogs slip through the cracks. Ignore them at your own peril though. Many posts deal with issues specific to the state you operate in, so these pages are of incredible value. For example, read over the Ohio Restaurant Association industry page. Or head over to your own association for the rundown on the local situation.

FSW Season'd

Sporting one of our favorite blog designs, Foodservice Warehouse's blog is a buffet of information for restaurant owners. Unlike other blogs, FSW Season'd covers kitchenware and equipment (which, of course, FSW sells...), but also gives restaurant owners a forecast of trends that are starting to emerge in the food scene.

The Back Burner

The Back Burner has more of a western feel to it, probably because the company behind the blog, eTundra, is based out of Colorado. The blog covers the two M's (Management and Marketing), obviously, but the Back Burner truly lives up to its name by highlighting the latest and greatest cooking tools for restaurant owners.

Phew- that was a long blog. Congrats, you've made it to the end! Now go forth and read up elsewhere! Or here.