Let Me Introduce You to Pelonkey

The District is a hotbed of innovation, there's no doubt about that. We are constantly running into other startups that are doing unique and cool things!

We met Pelonkey at SXSW (of all places). It was friendship at first sight, and out of that friendship, this blog was born. We asked some questions about what Pelonkey can do for the food industry and where you can find them in June. Find the answers below!

Describe Pelonkey in one sentence.

We are an online entertainment marketplace where event planners can find and book awesome, vetted live performers.

What does Pelonkey do?

Exclusively fun stuff. We allow entertainers to hone their professional skills via free, online business tools, such as sending contracts and invoices, accepting payments, promoting themselves, and more. On the other end, clients are able to search our database full of unique talent for the perfect fit for their events. Like I said, fun.

When did Pelonkey come about?

We officially launched September 2015 with the best party ever. [Where was our invite?]

How did you come up with such a unique name?

Our CEO Nicole, aka DJ Neekola, is the creative mind here, and she made up her own word. Googling “Pelonkey” will bring you to us and only us. We can’t resist a little wordplay, so we weave it into everyday conversation whenever we can: we are a bunch of PelonQueens and PelonKings who work with talented PelonkStars. #DoYouPelonkey? Because you should.

How can you help the food industry?

A lot of restaurants host brunches or entertainment, or they have parties or private events, and they don’t know where to go to find performers. The same goes with catering companies or hotels - sometimes they have to act as the event planner, which takes them away from their primary duties of putting yummy food in hungry people’s mouths. Pelonkey acts as an easy alternative to their previous booking practices so they can focus on what they really care about: food.

What cities are you currently in?

Our full-service site is available nationwide. We are predominately in the DMV area, and we are expanding into New York by the end of this month.

Any big events coming up?

Our Operations Unicorn Ciera will be attending Consero’s Startup Acceleration Forum in Miami on June 8-10, Nicole will be presenting Pelonkey to the MAVA TechBuzz Summer on June 16, the whole team is heading to NYC for the techsytalk LIVE conference on June 24, and the next MES Mixer (the best DC networking event for event professionals) will be in Arlington on June 28. An events company is supposed to keep busy with events, right? Oh, and DJ Neekola will be performing for the 3rd time at The Rammy Awards on June 12 [See.You.There.]. And that’s just June. [Seems like you're going to be busy!]

How big is your team?

Right now we have about five people. Just enough counting on your fingers to make up our favorite form of celebration. Something we do often. With anyone that crosses our path. High five!

For those interested in learning more, feel free to visit them here