BlueCart Media Blitz

June was a great month for BlueCart. Our user base increased, we are in the middle of sending our Headquarters to San Francisco and we were also featured in some of the top food industry publications.

The wide expanse of groups in the food industry, from wine magazines to online farming publications, wanted to cover what BlueCart brings to the table. Interested in reading what they said about the order management app? Put on your reading glasses and take a look.

And Now You Know

Laura Hillen sat down with BlueCart CEO, Konstantin Zvereff, to discuss everything BlueCart. Konstantin goes into great detail about where he sees the future of the food industry going and explained how, both small and large, suppliers can leverage BlueCart.

Wine Business News

The wine industry's leading source for news highlighted BlueCart's easy to navigate one click ordering and time-saving capabilities. BlueCart clients raved about how they use the free software, stating that it drastically cuts down the time spent ordering.

Fruit Growers News

Produce suppliers are some of the biggest advocates for BlueCart so Fruit Growers News wanted to know why. In an interview with Konstantin Zvereff, Fruit Growers News learned the true reason behind BlueCart's decision to change their business model and how making technology accessible for everyone transforms the food industry for the better.

Pizza Today

Inventory management can be a pain, especially if you're writing it down by hand. Pizza Today wanted to know the ins and outs of how inventory management works so they reached out to Konstantin. Because who wouldn't want to talk inventory with a man who is developing technology to help you keep track of your supplies without writing it all on paper.

Pizza Monthly Quarterly

In a quick blurb, Pizza Monthly Quarterly covered how BlueCart is changing the way pizzerias and their suppliers handle the ordering process, making it easier and faster than ever.