International Language Feature Announcement

Washington DC, --- 7/20/2016 --- BlueCart goes global rolling out preferred language options for its international customers

BlueCart, an online ordering communications platform for the food industry, now offers language options for their online users. English, Spanish and French language options are now available. “We chose to offer these languages first due to their diverse ethnicity and because we are adding customers each day from around the globe,” said Jag Bansal, Co-Founder.

BlueCart’s 1,400 restaurant and retail customers in France understand the importance of using the latest technology platforms in the marketplace to increase efficiency in their back of the house operations. They no longer need to rely on clipboard and paper, fax or phone calls to manage each individual order from each supplier. Going mobile has never been easier. As BlueCart cuts ordering time from hours to minutes per week, customers worldwide can now spend more time outside of the office and back in the kitchen.

When a buyer logs into BlueCart, he/she can select the preferred language to manage their ordering process. Once the language is selected, the content on the website will be translated to the selected language. BlueCart’s online ordering service enables buyers to order from anywhere in the world. More notably, if a company has operations across different countries, all of their users can use BlueCart since each individual user may view their site’s content in their preferred selected language.

BlueCart is an award winning SaaS start-up. BlueCart launched in 2014 offering free mobile platforms to the restaurant and hospitality sector for the purposes of modernizing and improving the transaction ordering process between buyers and suppliers. BlueCart received $4 Million in Series A Funding and has offices in Washington DC, New York City and San Francisco with over 10,000 businesses on its platform.

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