New supplier cataloging feature benefits restaurants

Everyone likes a product tailored to their needs. In a sense, it makes you feel VIP, special, exceptional…you get where I’m going with this. At BlueCart, it’s not about how great we feel, but how in control you feel. This new feature allows your supplier to tailor their menu to fit your restaurants needs. Don't waste time rummaging through their product list when you know what you need! Restaurants can now enjoy a bunch of new product features:

  • Invite all of your supplier friends onto BlueCart, providing a one-stop shop for all of your ordering needs.

  • Quickly add products from all of your suppliers, review your items, and submit in one click submit. The days of ordering from one supplier at a time are behind us. Good riddance!

  • Create custom order sheets for repeating orders and schedule them for submission to your suppliers on a recurring basis. Easy peazy!

  • See pricing updates and latest products immediately, instead of waiting for email or print catalogs. This also helps with food recall!

  • Manage all of your inventory sheets on BlueCart. Track inventory levels for all of your products and enjoy one-click cart checkout for low stock level items that need to be fulfilled.  

  • Ability to resolve order and delivery differences. Communicate immediately with your supplier when what you ordered is not what you received!

  • Manage and track monetary credits for unfulfilled orders, providing greater accuracy for order invoicing and payments.

  • Stay on top of your game with rich analytics and reports available 24/7, providing detail metrics on ordering patterns, product purchases, and more.

Busy running your restaurant? Don’t stress it! BlueCart provides dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android for restaurants and buyers to order from their suppliers anytime and anywhere on their mobile device. For a business account, we allow unlimited number of user accounts to manage the orders, providing greater transparency and traceability while reducing the potential for duplicate orders or products being ordered.

Dreamt you forgot something at 2 am? Your orders are consolidated and reviewable 24/7. We're the app that never sleeps!