Restaurants and POS: an Interview with Alex Barrotti of Touchbistro

We had the pleasure of hosting a live Twitter CEO interview with Alex Barrotti of Touchbistro! The short interview was conducted entirely on twitter, so Alex gave us his quick tidbits of valuable insight on what POS means to the restaurant industry. BlueCart and TouchBistro recently joined forces along with 13 other restaurant tech companies to create The Restaurant Stack: Best Tech Solutions for Bars and Restaurants, and are continuing to deliver industry-leading content.

Without further ado, here's the recap of our interview with Alex.

Alex: I saw a need in the market & chose to innovate. The iPad’s form factor was perfect for disrupting the space!

Alex: TouchBistro has patented processes that take the hassle out of restaurant operations. Our patented bill splitting innovation is a favorite amongst restaurateurs!

Alex: Download and test the different POS options, then decide which best suits your venue's specific needs

Alex: Don’t wait until the last minute to deploy your POS system. Give yourself enough time to ensure everything's running smoothly before you go live.

Alex: One that is utilizing the technology they have in order to improve their operations

Alex: Without mobile POS solutions, servers were lining up & waiting at stationary POS stations just to enter an order

Alex: We have a lot of exciting solutions we’ll be releasing in 2017 that will complement our current offerings. Stay tuned!

To learn more about Touchbistro and their mobile solutions to restaurant POS, check out their chapter in The Restaurant Stack. If you want to see more companies like Touchbistro who are making the restaurant industry a better place, get your own free copy of the stack!

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