BlueCart Product Updates Mar. 13, 2017

This week's enhancements are geared towards our Suppliers/Distributors.

  1. Assign multiple Sales Reps to a Client
  2. Download weekly "Top Deals" as PDF
  3. Set "Delivery Type" to an order
####Assign multiple Sales Reps to a Client account We understand that many of our Suppliers have Client accounts that are managed by multiple Sales Reps. Now you can easily assign as many Sales Reps as you'd like to a Client's account. All Sales Reps will be notified via email and Push notification when the Client places an Order. - Simply go to "My Clients" - Click on the Client's name - Click on the "Sales Rep" field to add Sales Reps

###Download weekly "Top Deals" as PDF Sending the initial email blast to all your Clients is a great way to kick-off the deal of the week. But we understand that you may want to send the same information as an attachment to a Client once the deal is already live. Now you can download the PDF, attach it to an email, all within BlueCart.
  • Go to "My Deals"
  • Click on the button under Download PDF
  • Go to "My Clients" and select the Clients to email
  • Click on "Send Email", then "Attach"

Piece of cake, right?

###Set "Delivery Type" to an order You have hundreds of Order flying in daily via BlueCart. Some need to be delivered, some need to be shipped and others may be picked up by the Client. BlueCart now lets you easily track each Order so your team knows exactly what gets loaded on the truck and what stays in the Warehouse for Client pickup.
  • Go to "Order History"
  • Click on the "check box" next to 1 or more Orders
  • Under "Delivery Type" select the appropriate choice and hit "Apply Bulk Actions"

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And as always, thanks for using BlueCart! Have an idea for a new feature? We're always listening: