BlueCart Product Updates Mar. 23, 2017

This week, we're rolling our enhancements for both our Supplier and Restaurant customers.

Suppliers & Distributors

1. Message Indicator

How can you quickly tell if a customer added a note to an item or the Purchase Order itself? Well now you can instantly identify these Orders with a glance. We've added a new icon on the Order History screen.

  • Simply go to Order History and you'll see an icon next to orders that either have notes at the item or order level.

2. Print Pick Tickets

BlueCart is all about saving time. Some of our devoted users spend a lot of time printing hundreds of orders they receive each day. Well we've make the process even easier now.

  • Go to Order History tab

  • Click on the checkbox next to 1 or more orders and then "Print"

  • That's it, there is no step 3!

Restaurants & Buyers

1. Search Suppliers

Are you looking for a particular Supplier or Distributor on BlueCart? Well now you can search by their name. Look for any Supplier in your state or across the country!

  • Just go to your BlueCart Dashboard and search for a Supplier's name

  • We're already working to beef up the search results and soon enough you'll be able to search by a product's name to see which Supplier carries it

2. 3x Faster Checkout

Thanks to feedback from our super users, who order hundreds of items at a time, our engineers figured out how to improve the Checkout page. Now it almost 3x faster, so you're in and out of BlueCart in no time!

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And as always, thanks for using BlueCart! Have an idea for a new feature? We're always listening: