How Chef Tanya Holland of Brown Sugar Kitchen Chooses Her Suppliers

Chef Tanya and her kitchen manager, Lakesha Pursley, are really pushing the envelope when it comes to acclimating to the BlueCart platform. With a whopping 19 suppliers on the platform, they have really embraced the Zero Waste Kitchen project. Chef Tanya, like many other restaurant operators, likes to speak directly to her suppliers and maintain her personal relationships.

These are relationships cultivated over time, so she appreciates the opportunity to ask directly about her products, where it is sourced, how it is packaged and any new products they may have that she could incorporate into a dish. On the flipside, she doesn’t take as many vendor meetings due to the intensity of her business. Brown Sugar Kitchen is known for lines around the building during breakfast and lunch, so working with vendors needs to fall into the efficiency bucket as well.

What does she look for in a supplier? Consistent quality and product, locally sourced, a thoughtful heads-up if a there is a product change and one that practices sustainability in their own business. When seeking out a new vendor, reputation plays a big role along the same product quality. Everyday deliveries are vital seeing as Brown Sugar Kitchen’s storage capability is small and not a lot of walk-in space to store extras. The reason the Brown Sugar Kitchen is so organized.

This is an extremely efficient kitchen as Chef Tanya states, “we have to be efficient because we have a small kitchen.” Spacing out deliveries gives them time to put food away further increasing the utility of this tightly-run ship. Knowing your products and suppliers and how best to employ is also key; one supplier may deliver early in the morning, another later in the day. Prioritizing orders to fit with products and deliveries is yet another innate quality of Chef Tanya and her Kitchen Manager, Lakesha Pursley. Using BlueCart satisfies both the opportunity to talk with her supplier’s sales reps while also speeding up the process when they are under the gun, which is the norm in this very busy restaurant.

To read more about Tanya Holland and her zero waste journey, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Tanya Holland is a BlueCart user and advocate. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as Tanya, visit BlueCart.