In Case You Missed Zero Waste Kitchen Week 4: Product Sourcing & Suppliers

We all know restaurants get all the limelight, but who provides them with the best material to put on an edible show? If you guessed suppliers, you guessed right. This week revolved around getting inside our chefs relationships with their suppliers. Any restaurateur knows that a good supplier is a vital proponent to the quality of their business.

When choosing vendors, Jehangir looks to those he knows, trusts and who can provide quality products. Having supplier partners who go the extra mile is always a nice; one of Chef Jehangir’s suppliers will go out of her way to immediately correct an order or even find an ingredient she is out of and deliver personally.

Sustainability is important to Tim Ma, so sourcing meat and produce from farms and other places he trusts is critical. He has known some of his suppliers and reps since the very beginning; that longevity goes a long way when your supplier relationships go from transaction-focused to business partnerships between chef and rep.

And what does Tanya Holland look for when seeking out a new vendor? Reputation plays a big role along the same product quality. Everyday deliveries are vital seeing as Brown Sugar Kitchen’s storage capability is small and not a lot of walk-in space to store extras. The reason the Brown Sugar Kitchen is so organized.

If you’re interested in reading more about Tanya, Tim, and Jehangir head over to their timelines and read more in depth about their supplier relationships!

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