In Case You Missed Zero Waste Kitchen Week 6: Time Management and Productivity

As a restaurant owner and chef, there is never enough time. Little time breeds the importance of productivity and that’s why this week's theme is centered around how our chefs manage time and productivity most efficiently and effectively in the restaurant.

When we asked Chef Ma about the most time consuming part of being a chef, personnel management was definitely a large part of the job between hiring and management issues. A close second to personnel management is keeping track of inventory. To help him around the kitchen Chef Ma likes to delegate by giving his staff ownership of their area.

Running a restaurant is a juggling act. “You need to be a marketer, chef, advisor and a motivator”, says Chef Mehta when asked what is the most time-consuming part of a chef’s job. Working with his staff to be as efficient as possible is a large part of his day to day activity. Staying on top of labor costs is much more difficult for a smaller restaurant. Chef Mehta tells us what he likes after using the BlueCart platform for six weeks; he was travelling recently and because the BlueCart platform is in the cloud, it allowed him to see exactly what was being ordered by his staff.

Chef Tanya has set up an effective system to keep kitchen staff working together. Whether it’s making waffles from scratch or creating a stock, there is a congruence to the way the team works – from prep to completion. Keeping recipes and prep lists organized helps keep the kitchen running smoothly. Lakesha Pursley, Kitchen Manager of Brown Sugar Kitchen, shared that the systems in place at BSK make her job easier. Lakesha talks about how Chef Tanya has created a most ‘purposeful kitchen’. “Her system runs like clockwork, it is very impressive and there is nothing like it.”

We’re heading into Inventory Management week (7) next week. Looking ahead, we’re excited for our Zero Waste Kitchen Finale during week eight’s Live Twitter discussion with all three of our chefs hosted by our friends over at Food + Tech Connect. Stick with us till the end to see our chefs closing statements and final sustainability scores.

To read more about our Zero Waste Kitchen chefs and their journey towards ultimate sustainability, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Tim, Tanya, and Jenagir are BlueCart users and advocates. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as them, visit BlueCart.