Chef Jehangir Mehta: Using BlueCart is Proving to Pay Dividends

Inventory levels vary by restaurant and chef’s preferences and experience. Chef Mehta’s process is quite basic and keeps a low inventory. This is also an indication of the mantra of Graffiti Earth – to be as sustainable as possible. A low inventory means that food purchased has been adequately utilized.

His process is very simple and informal; just keeping an eye on what is on hand, “the way you would do at home” he says. Graffiti Earth was created as a sustainable ‘twin’ to Graffiti, Chef Mehta’s flagship restaurant in the East Village. Utilizing every ingredient to reduce waste and remain sustainable is absolutely essential to the way these restaurants run. If some inventory can’t be used at Graffiti Earth, it can easily be shared with one of Chef Mehta’s other restaurants so there is no waste across his kitchens.

Using BlueCart for the last seven weeks has proven to pay dividends for Graffiti Earth. Chef Mehta appreciates “being able to see the moving parts of inventory when one is not present at the restaurant, and that is very good.”

He has shared with us over the last few weeks how he likes that he can see what is being ordered while travelling – giving him a picture of his inventory with one glance (like his process in the kitchen) but also catching something that they don’t need and cancelling before it is delivered. He also likes how the BlueCart platform saves him and his sous chef time and is much more efficient than before and eliminates errors “when our purveyor hears the order wrong on the phone”. This part too gets eliminated with blue cart.

In addition to running three restaurants, Chef Mehta spends time working with and coaching kids about eating healthy and sustainably in addition to devoting time at UMass where he has a food concept. The partnership started organically when they decided this was a good fit. Chef Mehta wants to promote practices that create better global citizens and increase actions supporting sustainability, social responsibility, health and wellness as well as building community with the students.

Currently UMass Dining serves 30 percent local produce, 100 percent sustainable seafood, 100 percent antibiotic-free chicken, 100 percent cage-free eggs and is leading the charge in plant-forward menu ideation.

Chef Mehta is thankful for the partnership at UMASS because he is working with like-minded people who ‘walk the talk’ and are not doing this just to check the ‘sustainability box’.

To read more about Jehangir and his zero waste journey, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Chef Jehangir Mehta is a BlueCart user and advocate. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as Jehangir, visit BlueCart.